Jeffrey H. Miller Lab


Mutagenesis, Mutational Pathways, and DNA Repair

Our laboratory uses genetic systems to analysis mutations, and to uncover new mutational pathways and DNA repair pathways.  We have developed a series of novel detection methods.  We have pioneered the use of multi-copy cloning of genomic, cross species genomic, and metagenomic DNA as a method for detecting new mutational pathways.  We have examined DNA repair processes in bacteria, archaea, mice, and humans.

Active areas of investigation include: (1) using high through-put methods to screen the entire collection of Escherichia coli knockout strains for new mutators, and for assigning unkown genes to functions related to recombination, replication, and repair; genes involved in ; (2) Using an array of fusions linking the promoters and control regions of genes involved in replcation, recombination, and repair to study the regulation of these genes; (3) Determining the mechanism of several new mutagenesis pathways we discovered; (4) Studying mutagenesis and DNA repair in Bacillus anthracis.